Monthly Archives: July 2011

Salt Toothpaste


Recently, I was in Burlingame with some time to kill. I ended up wandering into Earthbeam Natural Foods and spent some time checking out their health products. That’s where I came across Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste.

It looked like an interesting product, plus I’ve been trying to find a toothpaste that could really get into my gum lines and clean house. When I showed Fernando what I bought, he told me that they use salt in Panama to clean their teeth too. Leave it to me to be a day late.

So I couldn’t wait to try the toothpaste and get my mouth and gums all shiny and tingly.

And then I brushed my teeth. And almost gagged.

Let’s just say this has a very interesting taste. It was salty, pepperminty and baking soda-y all at the same time. There were some good sized salt chunks in here as well. I thought it would be a little more evenly distributed throughout the paste, but it’s possible there was user error somewhere. It also did not get foamy and it accomplished it’s mission in that my mouth produced way more saliva than normal. (Sorry, was that TMI?)

Anyway, my teeth did get clean and my gums didn’t bleed when I flossed. (Always a good thing right?) So maybe this is the toothpaste for me. But I will have to get over the taste and texture first. Baby steps…

Love, salt, baking soda and peppermint,