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Darn You Macys! (Or, More Espana Dishes)


Freakin’ Macys. They got me with their Memorial Day Sale. And of course, what did I buy? More Espana dishes.

I LOVE these platters and bowl. Here are a few more shots of each piece.

This is a serving platter with handles. You could easily fit a whole roast with potatoes on this one.

This platter is slightly smaller than the one above with handles, but still very good sized.

I love the design and scalloped edge on the side of this bowl. The sales girl was telling me it’s a pasta bowl but I could see it being used for salads and things like that too.

So yeah, Macys got me again with a sale. But I did need serving platters and bowls so it was justified. (Or so I keep telling myself! heh)

I do like more formal china service sets, but I keep coming back to the brightly colored and designed Espana set. I think it appeals to me because they are so pretty and when I cook, it’s with love, so these offset my dishes perfectly.

With love and a lighter wallet,




Taking a Break


You may have noticed that the online store is on a vacation status.

It’s sorta true.

I’ve been working on fixing up my new office and my work area. Plus, I’ve been looking at new suppliers and coming up with new products to offer. (Yay!)

So for now, the store is on summer vacation, but should be back soon. Stay tuned!

Love and light,



Wonder of Plants


Hi everyone!

Has it really been almost 2 months since my last update? Yikes! Time just flies doesn’t it?

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the plants in my yard. We had some work done in our front yard and our contractor was less than gentle with some of my beauties. I like the guy, but boy, was I ticked when I got home and saw some of my plants gone and others smashed. Poor Fernando had to deal with my wrath, but like a sweetheart, has been helping me to rehab my damaged plants.

Two of my plants I’ve been monitoring everyday are my blueberries and my orange tree. Fernando bought me two blueberry plants last year, but I could barely get them to even sprout green leaves. This year I put them in a new location and fed them tons of food and water. I’d like to think my efforts paid off.

My orange tree is a new acquisition. I happened to be in Costco when they were unloading the trees. Wouldn’t you know I picked the sickliest one? For whatever reason, it called to me and guess what? With food, sunshine and lots of love, my tree is thriving.

I have several of these baby oranges growing. (Or what I think are oranges anyway!)

I’m absolutely fascinated with the life cycle of plants and how such delicate things can produce such hearty things for us to enjoy. Life is amazing.

Love & Chlorophyll,