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Guess What I Found Hidden Away in the Lab?


No way!


St. Johns Wort infused oil!

When Kathryn came to visit a few months ago, I asked her about her St. Johns Wort oil. I think she thought I was crazy because she said something like “Don’t you remember? We made some in class.” Well I most certainly did not remember, so when I began unpacking my office things, imagine my surprise when I came across this guy.

My heart stopped and I felt like I had a winning lotto ticket. I could finally move forward from the heart break I’d suffered in this post.

This thing has been blending for 11 months, but the oil is still fan-fricken-tastic.

I started to decant and got almost a full jar.

Look at all this beautiful red luscious oil.

And I’ve managed to already burn myself a few times, so I got to use it. It really did heal my skin immediately and I didn’t develop any blisters or scabbing where I was burned.

I’ve died and gone to herbal heaven.

Love and slathered in red oil,


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Time To Let It Go


So dear friends, it’s finally time I let the St. John’s Wort infused oil go. I’ve let it sit far longer than I should have hoping beyond hope, I’d even get a light orange oil. No such luck.

After many months, I’m left with this. Very slightly infused oil. My heart is heavy as I say goodbye to my dreams of beautiful oil. But that’s okay, thanks to a late fall heat wave, I’ve got some gorgeous roses blooming in the garden. Guess what’s coming next?


So Um…


Finally, you can see some kind of infusion going on with the St. Johns wort oil.


Above, St. Johns Wort infusion at 2.5 weeks.


St. Johns Wort at 1 week.

Yes, I know, VERY minimal. Maybe I should have listened when my teacher told us only to use fresh herb when making a St. Johns Wort infusion. Hey, I’m stubborn sometimes. But, I am still hoping to see even more transition over the next few weeks. Wish me (and my infusion!) luck.


No Magic Just Yet


I was just checking on the St. John’s Wort infused oil and guess what? No magic happening just yet. But that’s okay. It’s only been a week and something is still happening. Just gotta be patient.

Looks exactly the same as a week ago…

Back the windowsill for this guy! I’ll check it out again in a few days. I’m still hopeful I’ll get some really nice, red oil.


St. John’s Wort Infused Oil


By now, you should know I love infused oils. They are so versatile to use and so easy to make. So when I got my hands on some dried St. John’s Wort, I immediately pulled out the jars and olive oil to make infused oil.

We studied St. John’s Wort in my herb class. It can be used topically for skin irritations such as burns, nerve pain, muscle spasms and even hemorrhoids. I am a fan of this particular herb oil infusion because I’m a first rate klutz. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally burned myself, tripped and hurt something, or even banged into door knobs.

From what I remember, fresh St. John’s Wort plant material makes a better infused oil than dry herb, but I’m not going to turn away the dried material.

First, fill the jar 1/3 full of the dried herb.

I know it looks like it’s more than 1/3 full, but it really is only a third.

Then fill your jar to the brim with the oil of your choice and seal.

Let it sit in a bright sunny place for at least 2 weeks. Even though I’m using dry plant material in this infusion, I still like to monitor what’s going on in the jar. Mold is not really an issue, but I like watching the sun and herbs do their magic.

The oil should turn a beautiful red color. I’ll post pictures to show you the progress as time goes on.