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At Home Facial Pt. 3


The last step to my el cheapo at home facial series is steaming.

These are my favorite herbs to steam my face with. The mix includes roses, jasmine, calendula and lavender. Their benefits are:

a. Roses not only smell amazing, but they are a major skin rejuvenator.

b. Jasmine has calming qualities when taken internally as well as used externally. It’s believed that jasmine also helps with relief to skin afflictions.

c. Calendula is full of anti oxidants and is used in many anti-aging creams.

e. Lavender is antiseptic but also is good for healing skin irritations.

Steaming your skin is insanely easy.

1. Grab a pot and fill it with water.

2. Dump the herbs in and bring to a boil. I used a heaping tablespoon of each. You can eyeball how much you want to use.

3. Go wash your face so there is nothing between you and the steam.

4. Check on the pot. Once the herbs and water start boiling and steam is rising, turn off the stove and put the pot on a trivet or something that will protect the counter or table where you will be steaming.

4. Put your face over the steam and using a towel, cover your head like a tent.

5. Wait 5 minutes. Take breaks if you need to. Done.

I love steaming because it opens up your pores and all the good herbal essences from the herbs get in them bad boys and clean house. The best part is that you don’t really need to use herbs, but it’s nice to have some because you get extra benefits from steaming. I mean, you could have just stood in the shower and absorbed the steam too right?

So check out my el cheapo 3 step at home facial. I noticed a significant difference once I started doing this regiment weekly after about 2 weeks, but you may have different results.


At Home Facial Pt. 2


Last year I posted my el cheapo (but all natural) microderm recipe with baking soda. Now I’m going to post my 2nd el cheapo at home facial recipe.

This one involves:

(Ignore the baking soda. I was also doing my el cheapo microderm.)

First, mash up one or two strawberries.

Add a tablespoon of plain yogurt and mix together.


Slather on your face and leave on for about 10 or 15 minutes. It gets a little sloppy, so just pull your hair back and lay on a pillow. Rinse the mask off gently with cool water and pat your face dry.

Strawberries are full of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and salicylic acid. Plain yogurt is full of lactic acid which helps slough off dead skin and tighten the remaining skin underneath. Also, I’ve been told the acids in both strawberries and yogurt help diminish age spots, brown spots, etc. My brown spots are still here sadly, but they do seem to be getting lighter and smaller.

While going to the spa and getting a full facial is a real treat, these at home remedies aren’t too shabby either. Plus I love that they are all natural and you know exactly what’s going on your skin.

Coming up, I’ll show you part 3 of my el cheapo at home facial steps.

Oh, and guess what another huge benefit is for making this strawberry mask?

That’s right, strawberry shortcake! And you know I made some as soon as I was done with my facial mask.

Love, strawberry shortcake and tighter pores,


St. John’s Wort Infused Oil


By now, you should know I love infused oils. They are so versatile to use and so easy to make. So when I got my hands on some dried St. John’s Wort, I immediately pulled out the jars and olive oil to make infused oil.

We studied St. John’s Wort in my herb class. It can be used topically for skin irritations such as burns, nerve pain, muscle spasms and even hemorrhoids. I am a fan of this particular herb oil infusion because I’m a first rate klutz. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally burned myself, tripped and hurt something, or even banged into door knobs.

From what I remember, fresh St. John’s Wort plant material makes a better infused oil than dry herb, but I’m not going to turn away the dried material.

First, fill the jar 1/3 full of the dried herb.

I know it looks like it’s more than 1/3 full, but it really is only a third.

Then fill your jar to the brim with the oil of your choice and seal.

Let it sit in a bright sunny place for at least 2 weeks. Even though I’m using dry plant material in this infusion, I still like to monitor what’s going on in the jar. Mold is not really an issue, but I like watching the sun and herbs do their magic.

The oil should turn a beautiful red color. I’ll post pictures to show you the progress as time goes on.


All Soap Is Not Created Equally


This summer, while on vacation with Fernando in Jamaica, I came across a store selling naturally crafted bath & body products. Of course, being a soaper, I was more than happy to buy a few of the local bars to bring home with me.

Blue Mountain Coffee Scrub (bottom) and Milk & Honey with Ginger

Blue Mountain coffee is my absolute favorite coffee to drink. It was only natural that I would totally pick this soap. Plus my own attempt at making a coffee soap had been disastrous at best, so I was more than happy to try someone else’s. Honey is another favorite of mine and I grabbed this bar as well.

I finally got around to using both soaps and I have to say I was disappointed. It reminded me that no matter what ingredients are used, not all handcrafted soaps are created equally.

The first thing I noticed was that the bars were much lighter than what was stated on the package. The package claimed each bar was 4 ounces, but in reality they were more like 3.2 and 3.3 ounces. (Yes, I totally busted out my scale to weigh these) In my experience, most soap makers will tell you the exact weight of the bar or give you a range, but will not sell you something that’s under weight. That’s just poor business practice.

The second thing I noticed was lack of suds between both bars, with the coffee bar being worse then the milk & honey bar.

Blue Mountain Coffee Scrub

Milk & Honey with Ginger

My friend and fellow soaper, Danielle of skycovespa also makes a honey soap that is amazing.

Danielle’s Honey Bar

Look at the difference between the suds of the top two bars compared to Danielle’s bar. And with Danielle’s bar, I didn’t have a tacky feeling after I got out of the shower. It could be the Jamaican bars are not balanced between the ingredients used, but either way, I would not buy these again. I think that they are okay for kitchen/garage sink use because they will get you clean, but I’d prefer something else for whole body use.

Even though these soaps were a bust, I’m glad I got to try them. In the future though, I’m going to stay away from coffee soaps. I just don’t have any luck with them. But to drink, pour away!


New Products!


Hi gang,

Just a quickie post…

I’ve just discovered some awesome new products and guess what? They will be at the grand opening! Unfortunately, this does push back the store open date, but I’m sure you will love what’s coming aboard.

Some new gift aways will be coming up, so as always, stay tuned!


Good Morning Sunshine!


And good morning to you too!

This is another preview of one of the soaps making it’s debut at our store opening.

Good Morning Sunshine! soap

Pink grapefruit, sweet orange and lime essential oils will perk you up each morning! And with a touch of jojoba beads, you can be sure you’ll get extra clean and extra smooth.


Camille’s Blend


This is a soapers favorite moment…

Unwrapping a soap batch to find it came out perfectly!

Lately I’ve had some mishaps and so unwrapping this batch made my heart soar. Even better, when I cut into it, the bars came out like this:

Ooooh, aaaah

This is my absolute favorite mix of ingredients and so it’s called “Camille’s Blend.” In addition to my basic formula, I’ve added camellia oil, avocado oil and a delicious mixture of sweet orange, spearmint and lavender essential oils. This soap will make it’s debut at our grand opening and I hope you love it as much as I do.