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Darn You Macys! (Or, More Espana Dishes)


Freakin’ Macys. They got me with their Memorial Day Sale. And of course, what did I buy? More Espana dishes.

I LOVE these platters and bowl. Here are a few more shots of each piece.

This is a serving platter with handles. You could easily fit a whole roast with potatoes on this one.

This platter is slightly smaller than the one above with handles, but still very good sized.

I love the design and scalloped edge on the side of this bowl. The sales girl was telling me it’s a pasta bowl but I could see it being used for salads and things like that too.

So yeah, Macys got me again with a sale. But I did need serving platters and bowls so it was justified. (Or so I keep telling myself! heh)

I do like more formal china service sets, but I keep coming back to the brightly colored and designed Espana set. I think it appeals to me because they are so pretty and when I cook, it’s with love, so these offset my dishes perfectly.

With love and a lighter wallet,


store: http://www.havelinasoap.com


Espana Dishes


This is my new favorite dish.

I saw something similar in Mexico this summer and fell in love with the vibrant colors and designs. Most of the pieces I saw were for wall decorations and I wanted something I could use as serving dishes.

Luckily for me, Macy’s was having a sale and these “Espana” dishes happened to be on the list. They are hand painted and hand crafted. Oh and dishwasher safe too!

I also got this cute little au gratin dish.

Even the side of the dish is cute too.

The square dish is actually a salad plate and the au gratin dish is a little small. As I was picking these out, my mom said “I hope your guests aren’t hungry when they come over, because those dishes are small!” I laughed. These dishes are more for me anyway. Hmph.

How about you all out there? Any style of china you really love?