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Cherokee Purple


Every now and then, I think about something other than soap. For example, earlier this year I decided I wanted to have my own tomato garden. I didn’t know much about tomatoes, (other than I liked to eat them) so when it came time to pick my plants, I just grabbed whatever looked healthy. I came home with 2 cherry tomato plants and a regular sized tomato plant.

Well, regular is far from what I got.

As my plant grew, the tomatoes started to turn purple.

Yes, I said purple.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia’s entry on Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

I got online and looked up purple tomatoes and found that what I had were Cherokee Purple tomatoes. It’s a beefsteak (why a vegetable is called “beefsteak” is beyond me) and an heirloom variety. I finally had one ripe enough to pick and cut into and boy, was I excited.

My cherokee purple and cherry tomatoes

Look at that color

I was surprised at how beautiful the color was upon cutting into the tomato. It was almost hot pink or dark pink (like a watermelon) and the picture above doesn’t capture the color exactly. The taste was even better than the color. Light, but sweet and tart, it was the best tasting salsa I had ever eaten. Even Fernando commented on how tasty the tomato was.

So yes, I have to agree to the hype. Homegrown heirloom tomatoes do taste a million and one times better than anything you can buy in the store. And, if you can get your hands on one of these Cherokee Purple babies, let me know what you think.