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No, not the movie with Angelina Jolie, but a restaurant in Vancouver.

Last week, I got to visit my BFF Raquel in Vancouver. In addition to sight-seeing and doing girly things, she took me to some great restaurants. Salt Tasting Room was my favorite out of all of them. They specialize in meats and cheeses and serve almost nothing else. And their wine list seemed even more extensive than their food menu.

They have a huge chalkboard menu in which 10 meats, 10 cheeses and 10 condiments are listed. The menu changes constantly so you can almost never have the same meal twice. Raquel and I both settled on the tasting menu where you chose 3 items from the meat, cheese and condiment board. Raquel selected the cheeses and I selected the meats. We left the pairing of condiments to our server.

This is what we ordered.

Raquel selected a truffle infused cheese, camembert and brie. The condiments were cherries, peaches and honey. I selected chorizo, a fig salami and a prosciutto type ham. The condiments were peaches, olives and a sweet relish. My favorite combination was the truffle cheese with honey and salami on bread. It was so good and luckily Raquel wasn’t too fond of the truffle cheese or honey, so I got it all to myself.

For dessert, Salt had two options: apricot blue cheese cheesecake and a dark chocolate tartine with hazelnuts. Of course, we ordered both.

It looked so good we had to taste it before pictures were taken. Okay, it was just me that had to taste it.

The chocolate tartine was rich and decadent and not overly sweet. The texture was almost fudge like so you could only have little bites at a time. The cheesecake was also very rich. There were little taste bursts of blue cheese in between the normal cheesecake flavor and the apricots gave just the right amount of sweetness to the dish. I’m still not sure if I liked it, but Raquel loved it (and she doesn’t even like blue cheese).

The portions were a bit on the small side, but with all the bread and crackers, we were both good. The desserts topped us off and we left happy. I can’t wait to go back.

If you are ever in Vancouver and looking for a light super tasty meal, check out Salt Tasting Room.