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Taking a Break


You may have noticed that the online store is on a vacation status.

It’s sorta true.

I’ve been working on fixing up my new office and my work area. Plus, I’ve been looking at new suppliers and coming up with new products to offer. (Yay!)

So for now, the store is on summer vacation, but should be back soon. Stay tuned!

Love and light,




Massive Clear Out


Hi gang!

We’ve  been working on our new office space and new recipes, so guess what? We’re coming out with several new soapy flavors and other goodies for the body and skin!

If you check out the online store, you’ll notice that some of my soap regulars will be gone. We do have some remaining bars, so if you’re interested, let me know. You may be able to get them at a steep discount.

Otherwise, keep checking back as surprises are sure to follow!



Special Edition Soap – Lavender & Rose Petal Infusion


I wanted to make a few special edition soaps for the holidays so I decided to use one of my oil infusions.

This is the outcome.

This is my lavender and rose petal infusion soap. The lavender was from Mt. Madonna and the rose petals were from my garden. I had been holding onto the oil for awhile and decided now was a good time to break it out. This is a special edition because I won’t be able to make this particle infusion again for awhile.

Once the bars harden up a little more, they will be available at the online store. Quantities are extremely limited (about 6 bars) so watch for them!


Sugar Whipped Soap Scrubs


Yesterday my mom came over to help me get ready for the holiday boutique I will be doing next Saturday (more details on this to come!). One of the products we made for my table is sugar whipped soap scrubs. I love this product so much I’m almost willing to stop using soap and use this exclusively. (I did say almost didn’t I?)

Sugar is mixed with bath soap and whipped until it is light and fluffy and then scented with essential and fragrance oils. Unlike apricot kernals/seeds (which can tear your skin), the sugar in our scrub is very mild and can be used all over your body (except the face). Some of the scrubs even have additional scrubby action with natural jojoba beads as an ingredient.

The scrubs will be available for sale on the website and at the holiday boutique. Each scrub is 10 ounces and current flavors are peppermint, lavender and for the holidays, pumpkin spice.

I absolutely love this scrub. Not only will it slough away dead skin cells, you will be squeaky clean from head to toe. Even my little big mom will tell you “Use this scrub!”


Sneak Peek At The New Store


Well dear friends, I’ve admitted this many times, I am technologically ignorant.

BUT I have gotten the online store up.

Say what? Oh yeah, I have finally figured out how to do this. *smile*

Right now, the store is preview mode, so why don’t you mosy on over and take a quick peek? Not all products are listed just yet and some of the soaps will be released as they are fully cured. And as a special treat, all of you dear readers will have a special 25% off discount code ready for grand opening! (You may even get some other treats. Shhhhhhh!)

So for now, check the store out at The grand opening is only days away…


Nayko’s French Lavender


Lately I haven’t been taking great soap pictures, so please bear with me and this post. I made a batch of Nayko’s French Lavender and wanted to share the photos. The last time I made it I colored it lavender with white accents and this time I did just the opposite.

I loved the way the swirls came out and couldn’t wait to see what the bars would look like cut. It was a long two days as I waited for the bars to harden up. And here they are…

Well, the color faded a little, but the lavender essential oil fragrance stayed strong. The color will pop again once you start using the bar in the shower. I wish I didn’t have to wait another few weeks to try one, but alas, I must be patient.

These bars will also be available in a soapy 4 pack and as individual bars in the online store. Countdown 12 days…


Exciting & Busy Day!


It’s been an exciting and busy day my friends.

Today I filed the fictitious business name documents for Havelina Soap with our local clerk. The lady helping me said “You look so excited! Congratulations!” I feel excited and overwhelmed and scared. The “what ifs” kept popping into my mind and I had to take my invisible bat and beat them all down.

If you don’t try, you can’t succeed. Period.

So my next step is to make announcements in the local papers and finally, oh yes finally, obtain a business license. I mean, I want to be legit and all!

For those of you who have your own businesses, feel free to leave words of wisdom in the comments. I know I’m gonna need ’em.

With excitement,