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Treats From Kathryn


Hey all! Most of you know Katherine came up for a visit last weekend. She was attending a seminar and just managed to squeak some time out to hang out with me. Of course, she came bearing gifts.

Oh the treats! I don’t need to go condiment shopping for awhile.

From left to right:

Green & clear bottle: Basil and sugar! As weird as this seems, Katheryn tells me this mix is really good.

Wooden herb grinder: No, you can’t have it. It’s mine! All wood and completely refillable, you’ve gotta try one. I love this one.

Miel l’Apiculieur: Fancy honey. No other way to say it. And yes, it tastes freakin’ awesome.

Herbal mustard: Kathryn says this tastes really good with sausage and other types of meats. How come Fernando went right out and bought some just to try this?

Black cherry jam: Dude, this one really needs no explanation. Yum!

Confit of Rose Petals: Remember I was lusting after this the first time I visited Hearts Ease? I finally got it. And I’m saving it for a special day. I know, I’m just weird like that.

Bruschetta mix: This is a cool mix of herbs and spices just for bruschetta. Or anything else you’d like to make taste like bruschetta. And did I mention I love bruschetta?

Lastly, my beloved peppermint tea in a pretty puple jar. If you cut open my veins, Kathryn’s peppermint tea will come boiling out. Take that heartburn and indigestion!

I swear if I owned her store, there would be no profits. Just me messing around and using up all the inventory. So it’s probably a good thing I don’t live anywhere nearby.




Herbal Honey


Have you ever seen honey look like this?

Heres an even closer shot.


No, this honey is not cold, old or congealing. This is an herbal honey. Herbal honey is what you get when you when you steep herbs in honey for about a month. In these pictures, the blend is:

3/4 cup honey

1/8 cup each: powdered ginger, cinnamon, orange peel

and a touch of cloves

Let me tell you, it’s sooooo good that I keep eating it by the spoonful. What’s nice is that you can put this on toast, in tea, or anywhere where it calls for honey.

Here’s another herbal honey I made last night.


This recipe is called Happy Tummy and I got it from my herb teacher. I deviated from her original recipe a little but mine is: 1 cup of honey, 1 tbsp ground fennel and 1 tbsp coriander. This is another finger lickin’ good honey.

If you’ve got some extra honey and want to try this yourself, it’s super easy. Just add herbs, honey, mix and let steep for a month before you dig in. If you are interested in some of my recipes, let me know, or just look up herbal honey recipes online.