When Life Hands You Apples…


My lemon tree is covered with aphids. My orange tree is still a baby. But my neighbor’s apple tree is putting out like a champ.

For the last week or so, the tree has been dumping in the backyard and the side of our house.

This has been going on every fall since we moved in and it really makes a big mess. My neighbor never offers to clean it up or to prune the tree back. Since the person didn’t want to do anything about it, I decided that I would. And here is my solution.

A trip to OSH and $21.99 later, I’ve got a nice little pile of apples to eat. In fact, I think we’re having pork chops with fried apples for dinner tonight. A few more picking sessions and the picker will have paid for itself. Pesticide free, non sprayed apples.

Mmmmmmmmm…That’s what I’m talking about!

So friends, the moral of this story is not to get mad when you have a lazy neighbor. The moral is to enjoy the hell out of the apples they are too lazy to take care of themselves.


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