Quilting Bees and Me


When I was a little girl, my grandmother presented me with a quilt she had made. I always used it, and later on, when my cousin was little, my aunt (my mom’s sister) began using my quilt for her. My dad wanted me to get my quilt back, because his mother had made it for me, and he wanted it to stay with me and my siblings. I did ask for it back, but I felt terrible. The quilt was on my cousin’s bed and she used it, just like I had.

Now that I’m older, I understand why my dad wanted the quilt back. But more importantly, as I look back at the situation, I understand something much more deeply than my dad’s request. My quilt was special, not only because my grandmother made it for me with love. It was even more special because someone else I love, in this case my aunt, realized how special this quilt was, and wanted her daughter to feel the same love and happiness I felt when I saw my quilt. Needless to say, I still feel bad about asking for the quilt back.

As I thought about it, I decided to learn how to quilt myself. So, this weekend I’m hanging out with a bunch of more experienced quilters who will hopefully help me along the way. I’ll be taking a lot of pictures, so keep checking back.

Here is the material I’ve chosen for my first bed sized quilt. I already have someone in mind for this quilt, and that person may have figured out this is for them based on the colors.

Here is a close up of the fabric I’ve chosen to focus on. I found it at a quilting fabric store in Paso Robles when visiting Miss Kathryn. Isn’t it gorgeous?

These will be the complimentary colors on the front of the quilt along with the focus fabric. Because the focus is so vibrant, I thought soft, muted colors would compliment the reds and pinks really well.

For the back, I decided to go ultra bright. I love this color and the person this quilt is going to (as long as it comes out okay) wears this color a lot.

Have you figured out yet who this quilt is going to? *wink*

I want to be able to give those I love a special gift that they know comes from the heart, just like my grandmother gave me. And, if I’m lucky, someone will decide to hand down my quilt to someone else they love.

Love and lots of fabric,



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