Guess What I Found Hidden Away in the Lab?


No way!


St. Johns Wort infused oil!

When Kathryn came to visit a few months ago, I asked her about her St. Johns Wort oil. I think she thought I was crazy because she said something like “Don’t you remember? We made some in class.” Well I most certainly did not remember, so when I began unpacking my office things, imagine my surprise when I came across this guy.

My heart stopped and I felt like I had a winning lotto ticket. I could finally move forward from the heart break I’d suffered in this post.

This thing has been blending for 11 months, but the oil is still fan-fricken-tastic.

I started to decant and got almost a full jar.

Look at all this beautiful red luscious oil.

And I’ve managed to already burn myself a few times, so I got to use it. It really did heal my skin immediately and I didn’t develop any blisters or scabbing where I was burned.

I’ve died and gone to herbal heaven.

Love and slathered in red oil,




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  1. It’s beautiful! I know, I love mine, too.
    I don’t remember if I told you but I managed to plant some here at home and at Heart’s Ease. So when they bloom I’m going to be making more of that gorgeous red oil—lots of it!

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