Daniel Fast – Introduction


Some of you know that I decided to start my new year by doing a Daniel Fast. A couple of years ago, my friend Aaron first introduced me to this concept of “fasting” as his way to strengthen his spirituality. He encouraged me to do the same, but at the time, it wasn’t right for me. As this new year approached, I began to rethink my health and my own spirituality and I remembered the conversation he and I had. I became very enthusiastic about this fast, and started yesterday, January 1st.

This “fast” is based on the book of Daniel in the bible in which Daniel decides not to eat the king’s rich food or wine. Daniel believed that the food would poison him and told the king’s servants to only feed him vegetables and water. He believed that after 21 days, he would be stronger than king’s other advisors. Modern interpretation of the fast is to abstain from meat, animal by-products, processed foods, products with wheat in them and almost anything man made. Allowable foods are fruits, vegetables, legumes, some soy products, grains and herbs/spices.

Most of my friends and family have been really interested in what I’ve been doing on the fast, so each day I’ll be submitting a post on what I’ve eaten and anything else associated with the fast. My goal is to do the fast for 10 days and to continue exercising to work on both my spirituality and my health.

So let’s get started…


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  1. When I did my juice fast, I was pregnant with Chase. It turned out to be one of the best things ever as I have a really juicy baby! Plus, he loooooves green juice. Coincidence?

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