Herbal Honey


Have you ever seen honey look like this?

Heres an even closer shot.


No, this honey is not cold, old or congealing. This is an herbal honey. Herbal honey is what you get when you when you steep herbs in honey for about a month. In these pictures, the blend is:

3/4 cup honey

1/8 cup each: powdered ginger, cinnamon, orange peel

and a touch of cloves

Let me tell you, it’s sooooo good that I keep eating it by the spoonful. What’s nice is that you can put this on toast, in tea, or anywhere where it calls for honey.

Here’s another herbal honey I made last night.


This recipe is called Happy Tummy and I got it from my herb teacher. I deviated from her original recipe a little but mine is: 1 cup of honey, 1 tbsp ground fennel and 1 tbsp coriander. This is another finger lickin’ good honey.

If you’ve got some extra honey and want to try this yourself, it’s super easy. Just add herbs, honey, mix and let steep for a month before you dig in. If you are interested in some of my recipes, let me know, or just look up herbal honey recipes online.


store: www.havelinasoap.com


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    • You know what’s funny? I almost put some in your package! But I wasn’t sure if ate honey. Happy Tummy is my favorite and so super easy to make. If you can get the ingredients ground already, it would make it a little easier.

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