Monthly Archives: November 2010

Remembering Summer


Today was rainy and cold so I decided to look at some pictures from events we went to over the summer. One event was the Nugget Rib Cook Off in Reno/Sparks over Labor Day weekend. Fernando and I had seen this barbeque festival featured on the Travel Channel and decided to go this year. We decided to spend the night so we could hit up the festival both days. Clearly, we were determined to eat as much barbeque as possible.

Look how packed the event got.

This is just the first block of the event. (Not even a full block!)

This was my favorite rib place. The meat just fell off the bones.


Oh. Em. Gee. For real!

In addition to ribs, burgers and other meaty items, there were also sweets and veggies served just the way I like ’em.

Mmmmm, fried mushrooms. The only way to eat veggies at a festival.

Cheesecake caramel apple. Nobody better touch my apple.

Here are a few other dishes we got at the festival. One was a tasty mixed meat platter and the other was this ultra delicious (and messy) hotlink sandwich Fernando picked.

Pulled pork, ribs and brisket along with cornbread, cornslaw and beans.

Hot link with meat chili. I’m still thinking about this sandwich.

Yeah, this was an awesome weekend. We left with full bellies and smelling of barbeque smoke. Anyone wanna come with us next year?



Beer Soap 2.0


After getting positive reviews on beer soap, I’ve started making more for sale in the online store. Today’s post shows some photos of the soap in progress.

This is what the soap looked like after I’d combined all the ingredients and poured it into the mold.

This is what the soap looked like after I unmolded it, 3 days later.

Unfortunately the picture I took doesn’t do the batch justice. There was very little soap ash and the colors were still gorgeously vibrant. I was also pretty happy with how the bars look cut.

The bars smell so good too, with hints of chocolate and spices. The colors will get brighter as you use the bar and will look almost as if they were just made. These will be available in the wine & beer 4 pack sampler and as single 4 oz bars. And don’t worry, the online store will be up and ready before the holidays hit!