Tasty Treats from Heart’s Ease


I already know Katherine is one of my best friends ever. If I ever had any question that this woman knows me, just take a look at what she put in a goody bag for me on our last day of herb class.

Treats, oh blessed yummy treats!

Here are some close up shots of the goodies in the bag.

Lavender infused honey from Bonny Doon Farm. You can’t see it, but inside is a single lavender stalk. I can’t wait to try this in some tea or slathered on bread with butter.

Heart’s Ease own Strawberry and Champagne Preserves. This is finger lickin’ good. I swear it. The moment I opened the jar, the scent of champagne just filled my head. I mixed this with a fig and walnut cream cheese and it was AMAZING. (Yes it had to be in all caps.) You can really taste the champagne and it works so well with the strawberries. Oh.Em.Gee. That’s all I can say.

I am saving the bread herb dip for a special occassion. It smells and looks so good that I can’t wait to impress my dinner guests when I put this on the table. You better believe I’m going to claim I came up with this on my own. Ha.

Also in the package was a bag of loose peppermint leaves which I’ve been drinking as tea. After any meal, and especially dinner, peppermint just makes me feel so right. (Especially now that we’re in fall) My favorite item was the card she put in because we both love Halloween. I have it tacked up right in front of my desk.

All the items you see above are from Katherine’s shop, Heart’s Ease. I am planning to go down in December, and I can’t wait to get back.



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