Shampoo Bars!


Recently I decided to make shampoo bars. Whenever there’s a major season change, my scalp always has an extreme reaction and almost nothing I do soothes it. I thought that in addition to hot oil treatments, maybe a shampoo with less chemicals and more nutrients would help. I modified my soap recipe and added wheat germ and neem oil. Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamins D, A, E and in proteins. It also draws blood to whatever area it is applied to and is said to help encourage hair growth. Neem oil helps relieve dry, itchy scalp and strengthens hair while helping with hair growth. I used my calendula infused olive oil in the formula because calendula is very mild and soothing on irritated skin. I also threw in some peppermint essential oil for it’s cooling effect and because it helps remove dandruff.

Because I’d never made a shampoo bar before, I decided to start with a small batch.

Oh boy, remember last time I used this mold?

I was a little nervous about how this was going to turn out but luckily for me, the shampoo bar popped right out of the mold.

So far, I’m a fan.

I was pretty happy with how the shampoo batch was turning out. Except for a little soap ash on top, the bar looked and smelled wonderful. Then I cut into the batch.

You’ve heard me say it before. “AI-YAH!”

I had thought to add a little orange oxide to give the shampoo bars a little sparkle. Unfortunately, I didn’t mix it completely through when creating the batch. Luckily, this is only an aesthetic issue.

Because I just came up with this recipe, I’m looking for people to try the shampoo bars and give me feedback. I have ten 1.5 oz bars to giveaway. If you’re interested in trying them, just leave me a comment and I’ll let you know once the bars are ready to go.

Here’s to a healthy scalp and gorgeous, shiny hair!


P.S. With a peppermint fragrance and minimal coloring, these would be awesome for guys to try too. 


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