Randomness ~ Postage Stamps!


One of my favorite things to buy is postage stamps. Most people don’t send letters anymore, but I still do and I love having fun stamps to put on my envelopes. Today I found these at the post office and had to have them.

These remind me of my childhood. I couldn’t wait for the Sunday paper each weekend just so I could get my hands on the comics section. There were pages and pages of comics and I read every single one while eating a huge bowl of cereal. The only comic listed above that wasn’t in the Sunday paper was my favorite one, Archie. My uncles had tons of comic books and would let my cousins and I read them all the time. Being a brunette pretty much from age 2 on, I always wanted to be blonde, so I decided I was Betty. My cousin Monica embraced her brunette-hood and decided she was always going to be Veronica. I always thought I got the better end of the deal because Veronica was always kind of mean and Betty was always sweet. Heh.

Here are some close up shots of each stamp.


My beloved Archie

America’s favorite lasagna loving tabby


I always wanted a friend like Hobbs.

Look at that cheeky grin.

I know it seems funny that I love stamps, but I really do. And don’t these stamps just make you want to pull out your stationary right now? I know I do!



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