Sugarloaf Soaps In the News!


Sugarloaf Soaps is another awesome soap company owned by my good friend Rose Cunfer.

Rose is a soap design genius.

This is pure soap.

I love looking at all of Rose’s new creations. She can sense what people like and want, and does and amazing job of customizing a soap to fit each person’s personal needs. Recently, an article in the Hazleton Standard Speaker was published  featuring Rose and Sugarloaf Soaps showcasing all the work she puts into each soap she creates. It was a great article but only captured a little of Rose’s design flair. You really need to experience her soaps for yourself!

How fun are these little guys? What kid, or adult, would say no to these?

Sugarloaf Soaps is located in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania. Rose sells her soaps at craft fairs, special events and by private appointment. Her soaps are also sold at Abbey Gourmet Coffeehouse in West Hazleton, PA. Check out her website ( for more details! I’m hoping to get out to the East Coast to hang out with this soap design guru soon myself.



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