Happy Birthday Baby Boy


This little guy is Alex. To be more precise, Alexandre Dumas.

Those of you who are also pet parents understand my almost insane love for this furry little creature. But, I’m even crazier about him because of his background and how he came to live with us.

My mom does animal rescue in her neighborhood. Around Halloween 2008, she found Alex and his sister, both around 4 weeks in very bad shape. I don’t remember all the circumstances, but some kids had tortured them in the most gruesome fashion and they both barely got away. Sadly, Alex’s sister had already died and Alex’s condition was severe. His back left leg was completely mangled and my mom didn’t know if he would survive.  My heart still gets a pang when I think of what those kids did to these two kittens.

My mom took Alex to the emergency vet and called me to join her while waiting for the vet to see him. When I got there, she was cradling Alex in a blanket. When she lifted the blanket and he popped his head out, it was love at first sight. Shortly thereafter, Alex was called in and the vet was able to stabilize him. He then came out and told us that most likely to survive, Alex’s mangled leg would have to be removed. Needless to say, we shed a few tears.

The next day, my mom took Alex to our regular vet, Dr. Griffin. Dr. Griffin began Alex’s care program and like us, was against removing his hind leg.

Alex in the hospital.

Alex’s initial healing was slow and it was because fleas were eating him alive. Once we got that under control, he started to heal over night.

Alex a few days after we got rid of his fleas.

News of Alex’s plight had gone out and many people offered homes and donations to help with his medical bills. The love and out pouring of support for our little guy was amazing. There was even a doctor who gave us medical advice on how to decide if Alex’s leg should be amputated or not. We decided to let his new family make that decision, because none of us wanted to. It was too hard to think about.

He stayed in the hospital for more than three weeks. Once he was discharged, Alex came home with me. I fostered him for the next few weeks to make sure he would be completely healthy when going to his new family. When the time came for Alex to move, for some unknown reason, his new family backed out. I was not upset by this turn of events because Fernando had pretty much declared that Alex was his cat and that meant Alex would stay and live with us. Alex had managed to sneak into his heart too.

This is Alex today.

Aww c’mon, more pictures again?

This would have been a good shot! How could you cut off my tail?

This is my better side anyway.

We decided not to amputate his leg. He runs full speed on it, climbs over mountains of boxes and jumps just as high as our other pets. Sometimes he does limp and doesn’t use his back leg, but it’s not often.

Alex is the most rambunctious, noisy and messy cat I’ve ever met. He’s also one of the sweetest, most lovable and happiest of cats too. He loves to jump into my arms and give wet nose kisses. I’m glad the other family backed out in giving him a home. Now I get to love and see Alex every day.

Happy birthday baby boy. I love you.



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