Infused Oil Update


Last week I finally decanted the infused oils from the herbs I harvested in August at Mt. Madonna.

I made three infusions:  calendula, rose petals/lavender and rosemary/lavender. The calendula and rose petal/lavender oils came out exactly like I expected them to: deep gold, a little cloudy and with little beads of essential oils floating around. But the rosemary/lavender came out completely unexpected.

Rosemary and lavender when I first made the infusion:

Rosemary and lavender infusion decanted after one month:

What the?

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself because I was completely dumbstruck at how dark my oil had become. I knew rosemary would not create a light golden color based on it’s own coloring, but man, this looked like swamp water. I tried some of the oil on my skin and it felt a little heavier than the rose petal oil. As rosemary and lavender are both strong aromatic plants, the dueling scents overwhelmed me a little but I got used to it. I think this is one oil that I may have to use in moderation, whether I use it for food or soap. I know it sounds like I’m disappointed in how my infusion turned out but I’m actually just surprised at the outcome.

Any thoughts on how to use an infused blend like this? I’d love to hear your ideas.



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  1. Hey Camille!

    I make up rosemary/lavender bags up every year for the summer and they always sell well. The scent combo is an interesting one, but as you mentioned you do get used to it.
    I think an anti-inflamitory salve for wounds and maybe chapped lips would be a good idea.



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