Hearts Ease Herb Shop


NFL Sunday!

While most of America is watching football, I wanted to show you some pictures of Kathryn’s herb shop (Heart’s Ease) in Cambria, California. Just to refresh your memory, Kathryn is one of my good friends that I met in an herbal class series last year. (She was also going to be my savior in case the Blair Witch got me in this post)

Hearts Ease is the kind of shop you don’t want to leave. When we first met and Kathryn told me about her store, she mentioned it was an herb shop and that she also sold soap and other things. Boy, does she ever sell “other things!” I thought she meant she had a small collection of things other than herbs, but she has a whole houseful of goodies that every woman (and man!) could ever want.

Here is her wall of herbs. The jars are 2 rows deep.

All of the dried herbs smelled and looked so beautiful. Kathryn gave my aunt two ounces of dried peppermint and I could not stop smelling it on the car ride home. It was such a clean and refreshing smell, but it also made me think of fall and leaves falling off of trees.

In front of the herb wall, Kathryn had a table filled with herbal potpurri and tea blends. Next to the table, were all her essential oils.

My little cousin checking out the potpurri blends.

Speaking of other things in the room, I was immediately attracted to these foodie items:

Flower syrup? Rose petal confit? Right up my alley of wants!

Another wall of more edible goodies:


Looking for lotion and soap? Oh yeah, she’s got that covered too.

Lotion, soap and perfume. I just love the perfume. Mmmmmmmm…

I did mention she had a lot of soap selections right?

The soap wall

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in addition to all the must have products inside the store, outside is just as amazing. Kathryn has a huge open garden for you to meander through. She even has two minature faerie villages! Her garden is a magical place where you can sit for awhile and just enjoy the scenery.


 A little sneak peak of the garden

Around a bend is one of the faerie villages…

I want this sign!

Oh and before I forget, she also has seeds and fresh plants you can buy too.

The seed wall

See how easy it is to fall in love with Heart’s Ease? If you ever find yourself on the central coast, or you just want to check out Kathryn’s shop, it’s a great place to stop. You can also visit Heart’s Ease website by clicking here (or try http://www.heartseaseshop.com/) Kathryn is one of those rare shop keepers who can answer just about any question you have on selecting the perfect gift, picking the right essential oil and really, anything you want to know about the products in her shop. And with that said, I’m ready to go back myself. Anyone want to join me?




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  1. What an awesome place! A little bit of everything and a whole lotta heaven. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Definitely on my list of places to visit!

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