Rose Petal Infused Oil


Aren’t these petals beautiful? They were super easy to use in making an infused oil too!

I filled two eight ounce mason jars ¾ full with rose petals and then filled them both with organic olive oil. I set both jars in my sunny window sill to steep/infuse for 14 days.

After checking them several times during the process (to make sure there were no air bubbles or mold), I decanted them and was left with this beautiful and fragrant rose petal infused oil.

Freshly decanted oil

Close up view of the oil

The oil feels so luxurious and leaves a light fruity rose scent on the skin. It’s filled with all the beneficial oils and properties from the rose petals. Rose petals are anti bacterial/microbial and also have a calming effect.  

What do you think I should make with this oil? Salve? Lotion? Soap? Moisturizer? Something else? Tell me what you’d make in the comment section and if I chose your product, you get it free!


P.S. The rose petals came from my garden, which is pesticide free and fed only organic rose food.


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  1. ok Camille-

    Now I’m going to go go out on a limb here and say that you will make the most awesome soap–pink of course!

    As a matter of fact, I haven’t found a great rose soap.European Soaps are going to stop making theirs so there you go. A hole in the market to fill!

    Anyway, whatever you make, it will be fantastic!


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