Beer Soap


Not only is it for drinking, but it’s great for your skin too!

Freshly cut beer soap

Yup, beer makes a great soap. Why you ask? Beer consists of hops, an herb known for its anti-stress and relaxation properties. It makes an awesome cleansing agent when mixed with other ingredients into soap.

Kinda looks like hard parmesan cheese huh?

These bars will be ready to go soon, and a few lucky readers will get to try them for free! Leave a comment below on what you think about “beer soap” and two responses will be chosen.

Happy Monday!



8 responses »

  1. Okay this is something I definetely have got to try! Let me know when these are ready I want to be one of the first to try! Never heard of it before.

  2. That’s funny, Camielle. I’m from Wisconsin where beer and cheese are staples . Is it light, ale or dark beer?

  3. I sort of remember my grandmother told me that in the beginning of the last century she used beer as a styling mousse to curl her hair. I know it sounds strange, but Lady C. is taking this vague idea on a totally new level. I will try it.

  4. if I melt them down will I be able to drink them? just wondering. oh and what kind of beer did you use? Guinness, NewCastle, Bud Light?

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