Our First Giveaway!


I love getting new ingredients to play with. I spent part of this weekend trying out some of the fresh materials and can’t wait to show you the outcome.

They look and smell like baked goodies.

Check out this first batch of glycerin soaps I made:

Layered Flowers

Don’t you just love the petals on these flowers?

What about this set?

Tea Time

How cute are the teapot, tea cup and cupcake? Chai for one please!

And the last group…


So simple and fun!

Now comes the best part.

One person will win the set they like most! In the comments below, tell me which set you like the most and why. A winner will be chosen randomly and announced Wednesday morning. No more entries after midnight on Tuesday.  Good luck all!



8 responses »

  1. I actually like the tea set the most. I’ve never seen soap in those shapes before. I think it is a very creative design and look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  2. i’m gonna say, the last set

    sharing a flat with 2 other guys, they are the only set i could get away with leaving in he bathroom without bringing my sexuality into question lol

  3. I like the flowers. Although they are all nice. They are just bright and springy and would brighten up a bathroom.

  4. Ok, I like the stars… I love stars period but these soaps are super cute and look calming and useable the other ones are so pretty I don’t think I’d use them 🙂

  5. Very creative…I love them all! But I especially like the soap with the
    stars in them….very organic looking 🙂

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