And The Winner Is…


The Great Pyramid & the Giza plateau

You may be wondering why I posted a picture of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. While I was there several years ago, I went to the famous Khan el Khalili bazaar in Cairo.

Entrance to the Khan.

The bazaar was filled with amazing trinkets and treasures, and full of spices from around the world. The aroma and array of spices were mind boggling and one person’s suggestion reminded me so much of it and international travel.

And so, our winner of her own soap is Ngoc Ho!

Ngoc suggested an international theme of soaps such as lavender and vanilla for France and basil and lime for Thailand. We’ll collaborate with Ngoc to see what else she would like in her own named soaps.

But for all of you who made suggestions, we will make your soap and offer it periodically during the year.

Thanks again to all of you who commented!

Uh oh, better get out of here, before this Pyramid guard comes after me for all the photos I’ve taken!



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