Lab Time!


At Havelina, we create 2 different types of soap.

One is an all natural handcrafted soap with oils, butters, essential oils and other all natural ingredients.

All natural soap

The second is a glycerin based soap in which we have more flexibility in being creative. We also use fragrance oils and special pigments to get the exact design our customers are looking for. Sometimes they are so cute and yummy smelling, I have to tell people not to eat them! (Sorry Monica.)

Glycerin soap


The good news is that both types of soaps will get you squeaky clean.

While I’m in the lab today, why don’t you tell me what kinds of soap you like? What are some scents you love? Maybe your suggestion will be our next soap.  (And we’ll name it after you too!)



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  1. Ok I’m a natural soap fanatic !
    My favorites in order are 1.honey scent 2. Sunflower 3. Soy
    I. Looove the honey scents but sometimes they are a little too sweet smelling but its like dope I have to have it! The sunflower and soy ones are next in line their just missing that extra whiff that the honey has it you made a combo of these, just send me big cheese block of it lol.

  2. I would love try something exotic and unusual combo scents, perhaps a line of international/cultural soaps themed after a country or city. Random thoughts: France: lavender creme brulee. Thai: basil and lime. India: something spicy with cardamom. Be fun to package in sets.

  3. I love lily of the valley and the only company that has anything that smells authentic is Crabtree and Evelyn so far. Natural or glycerin would be fine. Your soaps are beautiful 🙂

  4. The smell of cinnamom always perks me up but in soap, it can be too sweet or potent. Children may like a toned down version of the “cinnamom bun” or chocolate. I also like the subtle scents of nuts: almond, pistachio, walnut, etc. that aren’t too perfumey..Can’t wait to see your products.

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